Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am hurting,
I am hurting on the inside,
Hurting to the point that what is on the inside can easily be seen on the outside,
I cannot hide,
I cannot hide this pain,
I cannot hide this hurt,
This hurt that gives me no rest,
This hurt that would take all that I have and leave nothing left,
Exhaust me to the point of death,
Suck out my very last breath,
This hurt that seeks not only to destroy my heart, my mind, and my spirit,
But also my flesh,
This hurt that takes more and gives less,
It does not clean up after itself,
It relishes in the opportunity to leave behind a mess,
This hurt is a monster,
Similar to the loch ness,
It takes,
It takes,
It takes,
And it takes,
This hurt leaves no room to take a break,
No room for a respite,
No time to refresh,
Yet, in spite of this hurt,
In spite of this pain,
I am still BLESSED...#givemeJESUS

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Day Did Jesus Die?

Author: Wendy Goubej 

Publish Date: Jun 8, 2009 

Summary: Follow this study of Mark to the truth about what day Jesus (Yeshua) died:

There is controversy among some Christians (Believers) about the true day of Jesus’ death. Most people believe that Jesus died on a Friday, but some (Wednesday Crucifixionists) believe that Jesus actually died on a Wednesday. Part of the reason for this belief is that Jesus mentions that, "as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth" (Matt 12:40 NKJV). This could mean that Jesus would have died on Wednesday, in order to be entombed for three literal days and three literal nights (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), and rise on Sunday. Other variations of this belief also exist. 

But what does the Bible say? Can we discern from the Scriptures on which day Jesus (Yeshua) really died? To do so, we take a look at the book of Mark. 

Day #1: 

In Mark 10:32-34, Jesus is on His way up to Jerusalem. He tells His disciples, "Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; and the Son of man shall be delivered unto the chief priests, and unto the scribes; and they shall condemn him to death, and shall deliver him to the Gentiles: and they shall mock him, and shall scourge him, and shall spit upon him, and shall kill him: and the third day he shall rise again." 

On the same day, He talks to James and John about sitting on His right hand and left hand, and then restores Bartimaeus' sight. In Mark 11:1, He is approaching Jerusalem "unto Bethphage and Bethany, at the mount of Olives." 

Let us call this Day #1. We don't know which day it is yet, but we shall count it as the first day. Mark 11:2-11 describes what Jesus does for the rest of that day. He rides on the colt into Jerusalem and goes into the temple. In verse 11, it was evening, the end of this day, and He goes to Bethany to stay with the twelve disciples perhaps at Martha and Mary’s house. 

Day #2: 

In verse 12 of Mark 11, we see that it is the next day "on the morrow," and Jesus is hungry for breakfast as they are coming from Bethany. As they pass a barren fig tree, Jesus curses the tree, and goes down to Jerusalem, where He cleanses the temple for the second time in His ministry, and teaches the people. This was Day #2. Verse 19 states that "when even was come, he went out of the city" and stayed somewhere for the night. 

Day #3: 

Mark 11:20 tells us that, "in the morning,” meaning the beginning of Day #3, Jesus goes again to the city of Jerusalem, and the day is a busy one. First the disciples notice that the fig tree Jesus had cursed has shrivelled. The priests, scribes, and elders question Him about what authority He uses to do His miracles. He tells a parable, the Pharisees try "to catch him in his words" (Mark 12:13) using various questions and arguments. 

Then Jesus goes to the treasury and watches people cast in their money and He comments on the widow's mite. He then gives the disciples a list of signs to watch for that will transpire before His Second Coming. All the things He discusses with the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes is found in Mark chapter 12. In Mark 13, He goes to the Mount of Olives after the altercation with the Pharisees, probably to rest and get away from the harassment. There he talks to Peter, James, John, and Andrew privately about the signs of His Second Coming. The rest of the chapter records what He said. 

Day #4: 

Mark 14:1 is the next day (Day #4), and the Bible tells us that the Passover is two days away. On this day, Mary anoints Jesus with her "alabaster box of ointment of spikenard" (Mark 14:3) at a special dinner made in Jesus’ honor, and Judas Iscariot makes a pact with the chief priests to betray Jesus. 

Day #5: 

In verse 12 of Mark 14, we find Day #5, which is the first day of unleavened bread when the Jews kill the Passover lamb. On this day, the disciples rent an upper room, and there they hold the last supper Jesus has with His disciples before His death. On that same night, Jesus goes to Gethsemane and spends agonizing hours in prayer while His disciples sleep. Then Judas comes with a "great multitude with swords and staves" (Mark 14:43), and kisses Him. The mob then arrests Jesus, and His disciples all forsake Him (verse 50). Then follows Jesus' night trial before the chief priests at which they condemn Him to death. It is during this trial that Peter denies Jesus three times. Jesus is then lowered into the pit for the night. 

Day #6: 

Day 6 begins in Mark 15:1. “Straightway in the morning" Jesus is taken to Pilate, then to Herod, then to Pilate again until finally Pilate agrees to sign the death sentence, and orders that Jesus be crucified. At the sixth hour darkness covers the whole land until the ninth hour, and at the ninth hour, Jesus cries "My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?" 

Shortly thereafter, Jesus dies (verses 33-37). When the evening comes, it is the "preparation day," that is, "the day before the Sabbath  (verse 42). Jesus is taken down and quickly wrapped and placed in Joseph of Arimathaea's new tomb, so that He does not hang on the cross over the Sabbath. 

The word used in Mark 15:42 for "the preparation day" is the word used only for the day before the seventh-day Sabbath (or Saturday). The preparation day therefore is Friday—the day that Jesus died. 

Day #7: 

The day in between Mark 15:47 and Mark 16:1 is the seventh-day Sabbath. Nothing is written about this day, but Mark 16:1-2 tells us that, "when the Sabbath was past...very early in the morning the first day of the the rising of the sun," three women go back to the tomb to anoint Jesus with spices (because they hadn't been able to finish that work when He died on Friday since the Sabbath was approaching, and they wanted to keep the Sabbath holy). 

Day #8: 

The missing day we label as Day #7, and "the first day of the week," which would have been a Sunday, we label as Day #8, the day that Jesus rose from the grave. 

If we calculate backwards then, Day #1 was the Sunday before the crucifixion when Jesus entered triumphantly into Jerusalem. This entire week was Passover and Jesus, the Passover (Yeshua) Lamb, died as per the Jewish customs and to fulfill prophecy. 

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm So In Love With You

In knowing your heart as I do...
Makes me the better of the two...
It is I who will make all the plans...
That’s my role as a leader; and my purpose as a Man....

Buried deep in the essence of you...
Finding the love of JESUS through and through...
No day of celebration could truly express....
My devotion and my love; for you are the best...

From our first nights of passion...
To our years gone by...
Our honeymoon has never ended...
and I can tell you why...

For in all things Virtuous, and in all things true...
There will never be a better Wife for me...
Then when I look at you....

Thank you for your heart, and thank you for your love...
I just Praise GOD for you; He truly sent you from above...

Whatever it takes to make our lives better...
Whatever I must do...
As a Strong Black Man of Valor; I do it simply because...
I'm So In Love With You...

-Russel Blake 
Man Of Psalms Publishing Co
All Rights Reserved 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

IT's Time To Move!

It's time to wake up and realize you've outgrown where you are! Everything around you is shifting and changing and so are you! The time you spent where you were yesterday has passed. There's a new address with your name on it! People and circumstances thought they could find you’re still living in your past. The change of address went out with a notice saying, "It’s Time To Move!" Tell your situation or circumstance this is no longer my address! God has readied my new place and you can't come! 

When you're facing trouble, returning to that old place and uneasiness tells you, you've moved on, It’s Time To Move! When the keys that use to work to unlock your hopes and dreams no longer work where you are, It’s Time To Move! The keys you now have are bigger than the place you now reside, It’s Time To Move to where they are designed to fit and work! 

When you no longer fit where you are and you're tired of rearranging things to accommodate, such a small space, It’s Time To Move! You were never designed to fit into a space, but a space was designed large enough for you to grow into! God never designed you to settle in a place that's too small for you or your vision; It’s Time To Move where He has made space more than enough room to grow! It’s Time To Move from places where you're just being tolerated and into wealthy places where you're celebrated and activated! 

No doubt, if the people you're surrounded by no longer, neither, see what you see nor are they going in the direction you're headed! If you're in a place where there are more bad memories behind you than future dreams ahead of you, It's Time To Move! If people are still referring to you in the past tense and reminding you of your history and not your possibilities, It’s Time To Move!

-Apostle B. Alexander Ingram
Columbia, South Carolina

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Gomer had been around. And around! And around! And finally she had arrived. No one would believe how far she had traveled to become a respectable woman.

Respectable, indeed; who would have ever suspected that this woman who was now a wife and mother had once been a mistress of the night! Only the Lord knew how far she had come.

The bible doesn't tell us what led to her indiscretion, for she was already in the sewers of sexual promiscuity when she stepped onto the pages of the text. Even God called her a harlot. This was no wild rumor bandied about by bored housewives who had nothing better to do. The Almighty Himself had labeled her. Amazing isn't it, that God can know you’re a loose woman and still offer a candle to light your way from the darkness of the night into the brightness of the light. 

And so this woman had begun her long, tempestuous journey - her movement from midnight to daylight. She moved with the slow ad hesitant pace of a bride approaching her groom. Destiny was waiting for her. Since none of us are where we are without leaving where we were, she started the steps that were necessary for real transformation. And what a long flight of steps she had to climb. She left her ankle bracelets, her tingling bells, and her artifacts of prostitution along the way. She was snatched out of the arms of men who brought her like a piece of meat, and into the arms of a Redeemer who procured her like a diamond in the rough. 

How difficult it must have been for a woman who had been passed around to believe that someone could find her valuable and attractive. People have a way of defining who we are by what we do. While God called her a harlot, He was speaking of her profession. But when He addresses her personally, He calls her Gomer, "Beloved." What a contradiction! Still, it lets us know that God calls those things that are not as though they are because He has the power to bring them into being. 

Just about the time Gomer got to the top step and Hosea made her his wife, she reverted to her previous lifestyle. She slips out of the marital bed and slides into the night. She finds herself right back in the old rut, wondering if she’ll ever be free of the mess she’s in. Now the Scriptures are quite candid about Gomer’s sins. She made mistakes, ruined opportunities, embarrassed herself, disgraced her children, and disappointed her husband. But he still wanted her. He even searched the streets, looking for the wife who kept running away. She was his wife even when she didn't act like it. She was the mother of his children and perhaps someone else’s children too, but he wanted her. 

She had been molested and mauled by other men, but he still wanted her. So Hosea, whose name means "Salvation," kept calling her: "Gomer…My Beloved." Other men might have seen her on the slave table, abused and battered, tattered and torn, her belly stretched from bearing children. She was no longer the glamour queen she had once been. They may have laughed and turned away. But to Hosea, she was as lovely as a breeze singing from a mountain stream. And, standing afar off with tears in his eyes, he looked past the disheveled hair, the bruised skin, the lacerated flesh, the portly body, and he still loved her. He could have said, “That woman has hurt me, humiliated me, failed me, even backslidden.” He could have left her there on the auction block. Instead, he said, “I want her,” and he emptied his pockets to redeem her. "Here," he said, “I will pay the price to buy her back.” 

Now perhaps you've been around the blocks a few times ad made some mistakes and blown some chances, and the enemy has said to you that you are beyond repair. But God keeps calling you by your name and not your shame. Listen to HIM! YOU must hear GOD calling you by name until you is so filled with WHOSE you are, that you forget what you have done. He is saying, "Beloved, I want YOU! I've already paid the price to buy you back! Daughters Come On HOME!" 

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~HOSEA 1:2, 3; 2:4, 5; 3:1-3~

*Awesome offspring from Here We Are To Worship Ministries, "Keep IT Real" BlogTalkRadio Show, Broadcast, "Out Of Wedlock!" Click to listen,

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Moment Of Refreshing

Excellent broadcast! Even married folks need to learn how to spend time alone too for healthier marriage. 

What An Awesome Broadcast Minister Valerie Allen with Rev. Dr. Author La VonneShaw AkaThe ErogenousCoach, Talking about the "Single Life!" Love the suggestions provided how Singles should take themselves out sometime and shower themselves in LOVE, and what I like to call, a Moment of Refreshing! There is nothing wrong with going on vacation by yourself! Especially Cruising out across the sea's…Please, Although I am not single, even married folks need to get away and have some "Alone Time"…so when they return back to their spouse, they too are Refreshed and the Marriage can be so much healthier!

Minister Valerie Allen you had me thinking about checking in somewhere tonight…just slipping away with no phone nothing…but then I thought about it again, and said, “dag that wouldn't be right, let me go home and plan it out before they think I ran away”...see, “I married now with children, hello”…can't just slip away like that. 

I would like to suggest an Author, I believe would be great the next time you do singles, and that is Sherabim Allen who wrote the book, "Life Won’t Wait"

You know when I do your book, I'm all up in that book, same story line, but I condemned myself for the first couple of months of my pregnancy; however, it amazes me, no one really said anything to me in the ministry when "I" was pregnant out of wedlock, but once married, when I started having my kids, they came with foolishness about, “when are you going to quit...another one…”you would have thought that I asked them for a pamper or a bib…Seriously, you have got to be kidding. I couldn't believe the comments from folks...Yeah, now that is a show. 

I thought I was the only one who encountered such madness, but found out through a discussion with another powerful woman of God, who is much older than I, had the same experience and they asked her, if they had a TV in their house…PEOPLE! If they only knew…Although, you may birth these children, this also goes to show, this is something that should be discussed in your marriage too...Hint for All the single people.

Women Empowerment Book Club
Around The Table With Lady Flagg
The Rope of Hope TV Production

All appreciated comments are taken from the Here We Are To Worship BlogTalkRadio Ministry, Singles Episode, Broadcast, Friday, February 22, 2013. Click to listen,

Thursday, February 21, 2013

No More Curse

Tell yourself, "I'm a transition figure, therefore, what so ever is running through my family line, stops with me!" Every weapon the enemy tried to form against me and my family has been Broken by the new Blood (Jesus) that lives within me! The curse that was once my old life has been lifted by the new life I now live in Christ! Christ has set me free from every curse of the enemy, wherefore, what you see, is no longer me, but the resurrection that now lives in me! Every root, hex, spell, hoax, chant, manipulation, carnation and enchantment is broken; for I declare, No More Curse! 

Evil's been lurking around your door; nonetheless, I confront the enemy and declare, No More Curse! This house is covered by the Blood of Jesus! The power of the Blood is greater than the power of that cursed word spoken against you! I decree, No More Curse! Someone needs to declare, No More Curse! 

The enemy's been telling you, you're finished and will never be free! He’s A Liar! Sense the anointing upon me to cast the devil out and off some folk! I pronounce over your live, family, business, home, No More Curse! 

Someone's been stuck in that old drug, pimp, whore, gangster, cheating, (you name it) life long enough! It's your time to be free! No More Curse! 

Someone close to you needs this Deliverance, claim it for them and join me and say, No More Curse over (name)! IN Jesus Name! 

I remember when I was bound and couldn't get free, someone prayed for me, even when I didn't know! I'm sure they declared, No More Curse, Be Free! 

I'm praying that someone, I don't know, but in the Spirit I know, you're free from the hand of the enemy and living life with, No More Curse! Amen.

-Apostle B. Alexander Ingram

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Persistence & Determination To Love Overcomes All Things

True Kings understand that harmful words can be stated about any individual or group of people. However, just because someone speaks hateful words of you, does not mean negative energy has to abide in you. As long as those things said about you are not true, make a conscious choice every day, to challenge every adversity through developing your dynamic mind and your beautiful spirit, to always aspire towards your goals and dreams. 

No matter what hardship you are up against, always remember; the most important opinion in the world, is the one you have of yourself. Let Us Always Love, Protect & Support Our Precious Children IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name.

-Russel Blake

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Queen

Praise GOD: The entrance of love is without coercion, for it walks in its own time; The comfort of love is without duress, for it brings contentment; The intentions of love are pure, for it comes with honor; 

The conscience of love is atonement, for it seeks justice; The power of love is courage, for it calls upon one’s faith; The fruits of love are it’s children, for you are known by your doings; 

The language of love is passion, and that must never die; 

Let there be no prohibition of our love between us; No instances devoid of true feelings, nor times of silence in each other’s presence to divide us; 

Virtuous Black Woman, I will love you as my Queen, while faithfully, consenting my heart eternally to you; 

For God, in His wisdom has chosen you for me, and I for you to dwell, abide, and flourish together, and forever in His blessed Benevolence; IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name. 

-Minister Russel Blake
Man Of Psalms Publishing Co.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As Men, We Can Do Better

Pure arrogance is the doorway to cruelty, in leading one to believe he is justified to administer abuse. 

Arrogance fuels the mind of the abuser, to think he is superior, to his victim, and therefore has the authority to control every aspect of her life. 

I’ve never known one abuser to not display a large degree of arrogant presumption, in his choice to physically, emotionally, and verbally abuse his Wife and Intimate Partner. 

Our Wives and Intimate Partners are divinely gifted and set in place to give us, as Men, the loving support we would need to move forward to success in our lives. 

It is to our advantage, to bolster our self-esteem and our confidence, by finding a wiser way to address our everyday concerns and frustrations, rather than allow the same habits and behaviors to solicit our thoughts to fear, and then abuse.

Spiritual power appears, when a Man, by any means necessary, protects a Woman from all forms of violence. 

This is an excerpt, "As Men, We Can Do Better: 12 Principles Of Effective Change Against Intimate Partner Violence" by Russel Blake, coming 2013. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Awareness: Save The Date

Praise GOD: I am grateful to be re-invited by The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority to participate in The Second Annual State Of Black Male/Female Relationship Conference on February 9th 2013

I will be joined by Dr. Sayida Peprah as we Facilitate a 1:00PM workshop entitled "Healthy Lifestyles: Continuing Our Journey w/Healthy Bodies, Mind's & Soul's." 

I will also speak on the dangers and warning signs of Intimate Partner Violence and how African-Americans are at a heightened risk for IPV more than any other racial group. 

For example, did you know that intimate partner violence/homicide is now the leading cause of death for African-American Women from ages 15 to 45?

At 3:00PM I will participate in a five Male panel of well-known Community Activists, Medical Doctors & Sociologist(s) exploring the relationship dynamic from a Male point of view with a Q & A period from the general audience. 

This will be a multifaceted conference with a number of workshops ranging in topics from "Financial Literacy", "Teen Bullying", "Communication: The Five Languages Of Love", "Responsible Social Networking", "Self-Esteem Assessment", and much, much more. 

All Facilitated by professionals and very talented individuals in their respective fields. The Conference is from 9:00AM to 4:30PM

In the event you're in the Southern California area, then please come out and enjoy this FREE event.

Thank You Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for honoring Social Responsibility by convening this much needed Conference. IJPN.

-Russel Blake

Friday, February 1, 2013

Limerick Elementary School

In my humble career, I’ve been very blessed with experience(s) as a Performing Artist/Educator: A U.S. State Department Goodwill Ambassador to 8 West African Nations; A Recipient of The Kellogg Foundation Artist In Residency Program teaching Music History to the school districts of Kalamazoo & Battle Creek, Michigan; 

A Adjunct Professor of Electrical Bass Studies to five universities across the country; Contracted by the U.S. Department of Defense to teach on the Symbiotic Relationship between Music & Science at The DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) Third International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems; Contracted by State of California to teach a Multi-Ethnic Musicology course to the 3,985 inmates at Ironwood State Prison in Blythe California, etc;

However, nothing and I mean nothing gives me more professional fulfillment and emotional reward(s) than to teach to a classroom of Elementary School children. 

Today I was blessed to do just that by invitation from Randi Shapiro to give a Lecture/Demonstration performance for her Second Grade Class at Limerick Elementary School in Canoga Park California. 

For these future Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Musicians, Teachers and every other noble profession, I performed Mozart, Bach, Scott Joplin, Fats Waller, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Duke Ellington, etc;

Then I gave them the opportunity to dance to the Calypso of Sonny Rollins’ “St. Thomas..." and then my Reggae version of “The Sesame Street Theme...” they were simply elated and did their liberated and free-spirited dancing like there was no tomorrow. 

If I had bunions and corns on my feet I would have been in some serious trouble as they were dancing all around

To see there smiles of joy and have the opportunity to answer some pretty amazing questions from some very keen young minds, tells me that the only thing one should ever bring into a classroom of precious Children from the outside world is a musical instrument of peace, warmth and organic creativity. 

Thank you so much Randi Shapiro for the invitation and GOD Bless You. IJPN.

-Russel Blake

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Love You

Virtuous Black Woman; God allows for me the right to proclaim and simply say that I love you. I’ve chosen not to wait another moment to express that which I should have articulated a long time ago; 

When you’re not with me, I’ve discovered that I am emotionally incomplete and mentally unsettled; 

Simply because…I love you;

My inner eye is daily consumed with the image of you, while my prayers venture for your every step kept safe and in the loving hands of our Heavenly Father; 

Simply because…I love you;

Where do I begin to heal myself?; Not having you in my life feels akin to losing a limb and I am unable to stand erect or walk for fear of falling down; 

Simply because…I love you;

Not beholding you to daily feast mine eyes upon, nor having you near to hourly embrace is more than I could have foreseen; 

It weakens me and sets to anguish my feelings in desperately longing for you; 

Simply because…I love you;

Our endless miles of laughter will always bless the treasury of my mind, while I will allow no power on Earth to ever preclude you as my ever so precious and Beautiful Black Queen; 

Simply Because, I Love You...IJPN.

-Russel Blake
Man Of Psalms Publishing Company

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Dr. King

Dear Dr. King, First, Happy Birthday. I wish you were here. We truly miss you! I must begin by Apologizing today, because I'm sorry your legacy is being made a mockery. You stood for many things, but most importantly, you stood for what's right and was jailed for your beliefs. But we have a leader today in President Barack H. Obama who does neither, he's not willing to neither face his accusers nor take responsibility for his actions even if it means removal from office. Yet people are comparing him to you! He even took an oath on your Bible, as though swearing on the Bible means he believes in or will adhere to the Words contained therein! Dr. King, I'm sorry to tell you this but Mr. Obama is a Hypocrite! How can he be like you? 

Dear Dr. King, too many black folk, those you marched with, spoke to and inspired are caught up in the pomp and circumstance; fun, and good times Obama offers and are forgetting the bigger picture! You didn't march and die for us to have a good time, but so that we would make the times good. The problem with Black America today is that they're having too much fun and doing little or no work, let alone marching for right causes. The liberal (propaganda) news media said during the Inauguration 2013, in that Obama and Biden swore on the Bible to defend and support the United States Constitution...when? They haven't, thus far! In fact, they've done more in violation of the constitution then defend it! 

Dear Dr. King, forgive Barack for using the Word of Yahweh (God) you and I believe in to further his Agenda and not use the Word of The Lord to be a bridge for the truth! He says this Word is hate speech and promotes hatred because it stands for righteousness and holds men accountable for their actions. Including crimes against man and man, woman and woman, and honors the sanctity of marriage.

Dear Dr. King, so many have turned their backs on what you taught and believed and support Obama in his wrongdoing. The killing of the innocent (babies) is allowed through government funded Planned Parenthood, marriage has been destroyed between man and women and same sex marriage legalized in several states, it's now legal to smoke marijuana in several states, an Ambassador and his aides were killed (racial indifference) with no penalties (hatred against white colleagues), our military is neglected, undervalued, and under-appreciated, the race card is used as a fear tactic, and black leaders support an agenda that's discriminatory. May those who walked with you that now support Obama see that you would do things differently? I'm angered when they compare him to you. I know I should not be because you would not be, but… 

Dear Dr. King, so many suppose that you would be pleased with what you see, but forgive them for even comparing themselves with you and what you were called to do. I believe if you were here you would meet with President Obama as you did with Malcolm X to create a better plan to help people today. One that would use what our Lord said would free all people the truth! Some don't believe you used the Bible to promote your message, but they are wrong. Your message came from the Bible, including your "I Have Dream" speech and "The Letter from a Birmingham Jail". As the Apostle Paul, you have the command of the English language and an anointing to let your message ring loud and clear without offending the ear, but challenging the heart. Yet, when Obama speaks there is little to no truth in him because he does opposite what he says. I'm not convicted, but offended. He speaks to us as though we are ignorant! 

Dear Dr. King, on today as we celebrate your birthday we thank you for your sacrifice. Happy Birthday! I know this is not a typical birthday letter, but I had to tell you how I feel today because more than anything, I wish your legacy becomes the dream you meant it to be as we wake from the nightmare that is! 

Some of us were wondering if you would have been allowed to give the benediction at the Inauguration 2013 this year because of your Christian beliefs. We are not skeptics because we trust Father God, but are doubtful that you would have and may never know. A friend of mine (@motherknowsbest and @starparker) sent me this article supporting why we believe that to be true. Here is the link when you have time to read:

Dear Dr. King, we will continue to remember and honor your sacrifice. Thank you for reading. :-) 


-Apostle B. Alexander Ingram
Columbia, South Carolina

*Inasmuch as this message is approved and endorsed by Minister Valerie Allen, Editor & Chief of Here We Are To Worship Ministries, Please submit All comments and feedback to Apostle B. Alexander Ingram at,, or please comment here on the Blog and Dr. B. will gladly respond.

Obama: Failures Of A Saul Spirit

While so many are comparing Barack Hussein Obama II to Dr. Martin King, Jr., I want to compare him to a failed king in history: King Saul...failures of a "Saul Spirit"! Obama is a modern day Saul and he is not Yahweh's (God’s) choice but is the will of the people. He has a Saul Spirit.

Years ago people wished for a king and would not wait on Yahweh's (God’s) choice. They wanted Saul; but Yahweh (God) desired them to wait upon David. So then, in their (the people) continued asking, pleading and begging, Yahweh (God) gave them over to have what they wished for a man they though would deliver them, a Saul Spirit.

Saul was no doubt, the people's choice not Yahweh's (God’s) selection… "Be careful what you wish for because you might get it!” After the hype and luster of the inauguration wears off and during Obama’s 2nd term, far too many people will regret the day they elected him. (YHIHF - you heard it here first).

We cannot side with man over Yahweh (God) and His law and then expect Him to honor our decision after rejecting His council and wisdom! In this Saul Spirit case, it will be too late to regret what you wished for! Obama's America has begun and the worst is yet to come!

After ignoring the warnings of the Prophet Samuel of the new king’s character, the people still wanted Saul. And liken unto the Prophet Samuel, many (me included) have tried to warn against the reign of Obama, but the people would not hear!

Israel wanted Saul as king because he was handsome, spoke well and looked the part! People wanted Obama for similar (same) reasons: he speaks well, looks the part, and is the first of his kind (a black president). The thing about Saul is that, his arrogance caused him to deny the wisdom of history, his mentor and the law of Yahweh (God).

In comparison to Saul, Obama has ignored the wisdom of his elders and sided with villains to have his way of doing things! That's a Saul Spirit. He's disregarded history of dictatorial leaders who enslaved the people and forgot about revolutions that would occur as a result of limiting freedoms of the people. That's a Saul Spirit! Wherefore, as Saul began to do things that were against Yahweh's (God’s) law, violated the council of spiritual leaders, and brought harm to the people, the nation’s modern day Saul (Obama) is ruling by the will of the people not by the will of Yahweh (God)! That's a Saul Spirit.

Yahweh (God) told Samuel not to be saddened because the people had rejected HIM as King over them and chose a man after their desires. Many Americans have also rejected Yahweh (God) and chose a man to deliver them, but he cannot! All his plans are futile! His plans are from the dark side and under toned by the NWO (new world order), the Illuminati, the Masons, and the Muslim agendas.

Do not be deceived! Yahweh (God) allows what you allow (Matthew 18:18). He gave you the power to change and to choose. You chose poorly when you chose Obama and as a result your choice has dire consequences...loss of freedom, rights, income, and etc. Bear in mind, just because Yahweh (God) allows the people's choice to rule doesn't mean He is pleased with the selection! Yahweh allowed Saul to rule but he was not HIS selection but man's choice.

The people have rejected The Lord and chose man (Saul) [Obama] to reign over them (1 Samuel 8:7), the Saul Spirit. Before allowing their way in selecting Saul, The Lord warned the people about him and what he would do as the new king. The Lord said, Saul will rob from the people for himself and for his council (1 Samuel 8:11-17)... the Saul Spirit. And, soon the people would beg for relief (1 Samuel 8:18), but The Lord will not hear their cry. And the people would continue to refuse to listen to the voice of The Lord or HIS Prophets (1 Samuel 8:19). And although Saul was not Yahweh's (God’s) choice the people didn't care. They wanted him as their king anyway!

Saul, in his arrogance, begin to perform duties reserved for the council [the prophet] (in America's case the Congress) and the priest [the givers and keepers of the law] (in America's case the Constitution). CASE: Obama has violated the Congress and Constitution by his many Executive Orders so he does not have to work with Congress and he has amendments the Constitution to further his powers to do his will. 

When it was time for Saul to do Yahweh's (God’s) bidding and annihilate evil from the land and slay the ruling principalities, he did not! When Obama had opportunity to rid the land of evil [the modern kings in the land] (abortion, same sex marriage, corruption in big business) and restore righteousness to the land, he did not! Instead, in disobedience and arrogance, he allows evil to live just as Saul did with keeping Ahab alive and reserving the best of the spoils for himself as his reward for a fight he did not (has not) win, but will worsen over time.

When Saul made mistakes and disobeyed the Lord he didn't take responsibility for his actions, but blamed circumstanced and others. Similarly, Obama has taken no responsibility for any wrong that has occurred during his presidency, but shifted blame! That's a Saul Spirit! Had the mistakes and atrocities Obama gotten away with been performed by a white president the streets would be full of black folk calling for impeachment. And just as Saul's crimes were worthy of his dethronement, so too the crimes of Obama make him a candidate for impeachment! Yet, both sides are either playing up the race card or too afraid the race card would be pulled. 

Saul's greatest sin was forgetting his humble beginnings and forgetting the Sovereign Lord who raised him up and put him on the throne! Especially when you consider he was the least likely candidate for office. Obama's greatest sin is that he's forgotten he's the chief servant of the people and not the dictator he's become to the American people

Saul didn't have a sure relationship with the God of Israel. In fact, when he was confronted with his violations, he referred to Yahweh (God) as "Samuel's God" (1 Samuel 15:39)! A few times Obama has confessed he's a believer, but of what is uncertain. For someone who confesses to believe, he's had Ramadan at The White House every year in office, supported Muslim causes, promoted the homosexual agenda, turned his back on Israel, and persecuted the Body of Christ (church)! Doesn't sound like a believer in Yahshua to me? But more like an Antichrist spirit. The Saul Spirit!

Regularly, many have partied with Obama, but soon they will be regretting the decision to make him president. Once Obama's police state (he's creating) begins, many will become enemies of the state and hailed as criminals. Obama's police state is the reason he's disarming the American people so they are unable to resist or revolt. Are you on the list? The list he will use to round us up as enemies of his agenda, just as Saul did for those who supported David.

In selecting Obama as president (even again) the people will have the fruit of their choices and the consequences of their decisions! I pray the Father have mercy, but judgement will be the result.

Someone asked: "But this time do we get a David, or is it too late?" I wish I knew! I've been asking Yahweh (God) for time (grace). I believe we had the opportunity for grace (time) with Mitt Romney as a means for the people of Yahweh to get it right, but we missed it, so Father Yahweh only knows what 2016 has for us and until then we have to contend with the Saul Spirit!

I will post more as Father Yahweh reveals more to me and the prophets concerning the Saul Spirit, but I have faith that Father will give us grace (time to repent) and wisdom (ability to apply His knowledge) on how to live in the days ahead!

Be Encouraged,


-Apostle B. Alexander Ingram
Columbia, South Carolina

*Inasmuch as this message is approved and endorsed by Minister Valerie Allen, Editor & Chief of Here We Are To Worship Group, Please submit All comments and feedback to Apostle B. Alexander Ingram at,, or please comment here on the Blog and Dr. B. will gladly respond.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


SPRING ~ While men pursue diamonds, pearls, gold and rubies in order to assess riches unto themselves; A wise Man will pursue a Virtuous Black Woman in her season of Spring

This is a woman polished from the inside out by virtue of being Spirit driven to succeed; Multi-faceted in bringing simplicity to her complex world and all while looking fashionably impressive doing it; 

Her Spring is progressive yet, methodical; Nothing will stand in her way of successfully accomplishing her goals; 

Education, Children, Career are merely ducks to be prioritized and placed in the row of dedicated loving importance; 

I’ve witnessed the awesome Spring of a Black Woman from my youth to old age; and were it not for the fear of self preservation, I would have been run over; 

Persistence, Dedication, Perseverance and Instinct are there wings; Visionary, Prayerful, Faithful & Patience fuels there flight; 

‘Lest there be another fool like me in squandering opportunity, time and the blessing of her loving you; 

Lead as the Man God created you to be; otherwise get the hell out of the way of that freight train known as a Black Woman’s Spring

FALL ~ The Virtuous Black Woman’s season of Fall bears the mission statement: I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 

A paradigm of simplicity and formulaic design; Nana, Grandma, Auntie, Mother of the Church, First Lady and on and on.

All titles of distinction bearing respect and authority enough to straighten the back and bow the head of any true Man of GOD; 

Her Fall season denotes that she is an ardent bearer of wisdom invisibly certificated, viably licensed and spiritually supported by the legion of angels assigned to protect her; 

There may be Silver in her Hair yet, there’s Gold in her Soul; 

Her season might always ascribe to many titles such as General, Senator, University Chancellor, Judge, CEO or it may bear the titles Homemaker, Retiree or even Big Mama. 

She is best known as God’s favorite daughter because of her lifetime of steadfast faithfulness unto him; Her Fall season has culminated from a tree whose roots run deep. 

Her culinary recipes passed down from generations are “still” the bomb or rather if you will, palatably incomparable; Her garden has borne the fruits of both sweetness and of sorrow; joy and anguish; plenitude and unbearable pains; 

Her compassion appears as her best friend and magnetizes all of whom come into her presence; She is the center of gravity for the family; The matriarchal rock of whom everyone draws from and leans on; 

I’ve seen the children effortlessly gather around her seemingly with a symbiotic transfer of unbridled love between them; 

I’ve seen entire villages utterly grief stricken when she went home to God; 

Her unbending principles serve the people greater than any government program or corporate grant; Her steadfast prayer life protects the family more assuredly than any insurance policy; 

Her poise in the midst of sorrow and her smile in celebration do more for the human heart than any medication or liquid spirits ever can;

As a Man I can witness in earnest as to the strength of a Virtuous Black Woman in her season of Fall for she was mine own Mother; 

To whom never saw my Mind parched for knowledge, nor mine Soul thirst for wisdom; 

Although her transition came during the third cycle and first year of my life (age 22), as the scriptures states, I was tender and only beloved in her sight; 

Sickness may have plagued her yet, she walked the highway of dignity with her Soul ransomed for JESUS; Regality reigned in her stride despite the pain; 

Integrity remained the habitation of her sitting place; No fearful heart abided within her for the impending division from this life to the next; 

Her crossing would be met with the nobility demonstrated in each of her seasons;

So then it came; The last breath exported with grace; Instead of the emptiness of a sighing away came the smile of God’s peace;

Let every Man know that so it is in the season of Fall for every Virtuous Black Woman; 

That the excellency of the Lord is with her from the beginning unto the end; In JESUS Precious Name; AMEN

-Russel Blake
MAN OF PSALMS Publishing Co.

Friday, January 4, 2013



Virtuous Black Woman; You have borne and survived many winters. There was a Middle Passage where you, the baby and life itself found the extinguishing freedom of the Seas more desirable than an impending hell on Earth. 

You bore the lash, withstood the rape, languished in sorrow when your children were taken away; prayed and prayed when your husband was mercilessly beaten. 

Not for the breaking of his body, but that his Spirit would neither break, nor righteously rebel and subsequently become vanquished by the cowardice of those who outnumbered him. 

I love you Black Woman; No blast of freezing air can stop your heated prayers; no cold rain can dampen your faith; Frost may pursue your dignity, but resilience protects your character; 

The ignorance of ice and wind seek to insidiously call you ugly; Yet to this day the radiance of your endowed beauty inspires untold billions of dollars in research and sales, to replicate what God has freely given to you; This winter like the countless ones before will simply have to eternally wait, for the Word say’s that no weapon formed against you shall prosper...not even your Winter!


Her praise is on; Impurities litter the mind of the weak, power the mind of a Virtuous Black Woman whose praise is on; A Virtuous Black Woman’s Summer never emulates another; Always accentuates the positive, postulates the impossible and vibrates to a rhythmic dance and tempo all her own; 

A Virtuous Black Woman’s Summer scorches, fries, sizzles and grills any obstacle in her path; Through prayer and discernment she bakes, boils and saut├ęs to naught all devious strategies set against her; 

No other Woman was kidnapped to serve menially in the most powerful nation in the world and rise in the blink of God’s eye to become The First Lady to its highest office; 

If you admire her, Her Summer is inspiring; If you envy her, her Summer moves on regardless; If you praise God for her, her Summer thrives on His blessings; 

Hydrogen may fuel the power of the Sun, but praises of God invigorates the strength of a Virtuous Black Woman; Whether in weaves, curls, locks, braids or bald; There is one Virtuous Black Woman’s Summer who said it for All-R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

-Russel Blake
MAN OF PSALMS Publishing Co.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pagan Busters

Here We Are To Worship Group Pagan Busters!

Pagan Holidays are not meant for those that claim to be Saved, Fire Baptized, And Filled with The Holy Ghost, just to name a few:

New Years- (You like a New Year?) then change the way you Think. Valentine's Day- About candy (Isn't Sweet Hearts Day the same thing) Just out to get your money. Easter- Not real (Bunnies do not lay eggs). Thanksgiving- (We lift the value of a Turkey almost like worshiping a bird). Christmas- Not real (Christ wasn't born in December). 

We are in the world, But not of the world. Gentiles (laborers) let’s get this thing right. We ought to be changing the world, not letting the world change us.

-Inspired By Bishop Mark Miller
True Life Inter City Ministries
Cincinnati, Ohio


Decree: Here We Are To Worship Group DO NOT walk in the Tradition of men, nor give hear to the counsel of the ungodly, or stand in the way of sinners, or sit in the seat of the scornful, But, walk in the Paths of righteousness for His Name sake; Delighting, Meditating in the way of the LORD Always, For HE shall then make our way prosperous, And we shall then have good (great) success, For surely goodness And mercy shall Follow us the year of 2013, as we Dwell in the House of THE LORD, in Prayer, Servant Hood, Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship, And Truth! IN CHRIST Name!