Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama: Failures Of A Saul Spirit

While so many are comparing Barack Hussein Obama II to Dr. Martin King, Jr., I want to compare him to a failed king in history: King Saul...failures of a "Saul Spirit"! Obama is a modern day Saul and he is not Yahweh's (God’s) choice but is the will of the people. He has a Saul Spirit.

Years ago people wished for a king and would not wait on Yahweh's (God’s) choice. They wanted Saul; but Yahweh (God) desired them to wait upon David. So then, in their (the people) continued asking, pleading and begging, Yahweh (God) gave them over to have what they wished for a man they though would deliver them, a Saul Spirit.

Saul was no doubt, the people's choice not Yahweh's (God’s) selection… "Be careful what you wish for because you might get it!” After the hype and luster of the inauguration wears off and during Obama’s 2nd term, far too many people will regret the day they elected him. (YHIHF - you heard it here first).

We cannot side with man over Yahweh (God) and His law and then expect Him to honor our decision after rejecting His council and wisdom! In this Saul Spirit case, it will be too late to regret what you wished for! Obama's America has begun and the worst is yet to come!

After ignoring the warnings of the Prophet Samuel of the new king’s character, the people still wanted Saul. And liken unto the Prophet Samuel, many (me included) have tried to warn against the reign of Obama, but the people would not hear!

Israel wanted Saul as king because he was handsome, spoke well and looked the part! People wanted Obama for similar (same) reasons: he speaks well, looks the part, and is the first of his kind (a black president). The thing about Saul is that, his arrogance caused him to deny the wisdom of history, his mentor and the law of Yahweh (God).

In comparison to Saul, Obama has ignored the wisdom of his elders and sided with villains to have his way of doing things! That's a Saul Spirit. He's disregarded history of dictatorial leaders who enslaved the people and forgot about revolutions that would occur as a result of limiting freedoms of the people. That's a Saul Spirit! Wherefore, as Saul began to do things that were against Yahweh's (God’s) law, violated the council of spiritual leaders, and brought harm to the people, the nation’s modern day Saul (Obama) is ruling by the will of the people not by the will of Yahweh (God)! That's a Saul Spirit.

Yahweh (God) told Samuel not to be saddened because the people had rejected HIM as King over them and chose a man after their desires. Many Americans have also rejected Yahweh (God) and chose a man to deliver them, but he cannot! All his plans are futile! His plans are from the dark side and under toned by the NWO (new world order), the Illuminati, the Masons, and the Muslim agendas.

Do not be deceived! Yahweh (God) allows what you allow (Matthew 18:18). He gave you the power to change and to choose. You chose poorly when you chose Obama and as a result your choice has dire consequences...loss of freedom, rights, income, and etc. Bear in mind, just because Yahweh (God) allows the people's choice to rule doesn't mean He is pleased with the selection! Yahweh allowed Saul to rule but he was not HIS selection but man's choice.

The people have rejected The Lord and chose man (Saul) [Obama] to reign over them (1 Samuel 8:7), the Saul Spirit. Before allowing their way in selecting Saul, The Lord warned the people about him and what he would do as the new king. The Lord said, Saul will rob from the people for himself and for his council (1 Samuel 8:11-17)... the Saul Spirit. And, soon the people would beg for relief (1 Samuel 8:18), but The Lord will not hear their cry. And the people would continue to refuse to listen to the voice of The Lord or HIS Prophets (1 Samuel 8:19). And although Saul was not Yahweh's (God’s) choice the people didn't care. They wanted him as their king anyway!

Saul, in his arrogance, begin to perform duties reserved for the council [the prophet] (in America's case the Congress) and the priest [the givers and keepers of the law] (in America's case the Constitution). CASE: Obama has violated the Congress and Constitution by his many Executive Orders so he does not have to work with Congress and he has amendments the Constitution to further his powers to do his will. 

When it was time for Saul to do Yahweh's (God’s) bidding and annihilate evil from the land and slay the ruling principalities, he did not! When Obama had opportunity to rid the land of evil [the modern kings in the land] (abortion, same sex marriage, corruption in big business) and restore righteousness to the land, he did not! Instead, in disobedience and arrogance, he allows evil to live just as Saul did with keeping Ahab alive and reserving the best of the spoils for himself as his reward for a fight he did not (has not) win, but will worsen over time.

When Saul made mistakes and disobeyed the Lord he didn't take responsibility for his actions, but blamed circumstanced and others. Similarly, Obama has taken no responsibility for any wrong that has occurred during his presidency, but shifted blame! That's a Saul Spirit! Had the mistakes and atrocities Obama gotten away with been performed by a white president the streets would be full of black folk calling for impeachment. And just as Saul's crimes were worthy of his dethronement, so too the crimes of Obama make him a candidate for impeachment! Yet, both sides are either playing up the race card or too afraid the race card would be pulled. 

Saul's greatest sin was forgetting his humble beginnings and forgetting the Sovereign Lord who raised him up and put him on the throne! Especially when you consider he was the least likely candidate for office. Obama's greatest sin is that he's forgotten he's the chief servant of the people and not the dictator he's become to the American people

Saul didn't have a sure relationship with the God of Israel. In fact, when he was confronted with his violations, he referred to Yahweh (God) as "Samuel's God" (1 Samuel 15:39)! A few times Obama has confessed he's a believer, but of what is uncertain. For someone who confesses to believe, he's had Ramadan at The White House every year in office, supported Muslim causes, promoted the homosexual agenda, turned his back on Israel, and persecuted the Body of Christ (church)! Doesn't sound like a believer in Yahshua to me? But more like an Antichrist spirit. The Saul Spirit!

Regularly, many have partied with Obama, but soon they will be regretting the decision to make him president. Once Obama's police state (he's creating) begins, many will become enemies of the state and hailed as criminals. Obama's police state is the reason he's disarming the American people so they are unable to resist or revolt. Are you on the list? The list he will use to round us up as enemies of his agenda, just as Saul did for those who supported David.

In selecting Obama as president (even again) the people will have the fruit of their choices and the consequences of their decisions! I pray the Father have mercy, but judgement will be the result.

Someone asked: "But this time do we get a David, or is it too late?" I wish I knew! I've been asking Yahweh (God) for time (grace). I believe we had the opportunity for grace (time) with Mitt Romney as a means for the people of Yahweh to get it right, but we missed it, so Father Yahweh only knows what 2016 has for us and until then we have to contend with the Saul Spirit!

I will post more as Father Yahweh reveals more to me and the prophets concerning the Saul Spirit, but I have faith that Father will give us grace (time to repent) and wisdom (ability to apply His knowledge) on how to live in the days ahead!

Be Encouraged,


-Apostle B. Alexander Ingram
Columbia, South Carolina

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Roy said...

My Brother in Christ.....God has certainly given His truth...

The first election,I was shown that Obama would be the President in order for judgement to be initiated on America, and again for the Second term...You can clearly see all the things happening to America ..
Have a Blessed Day, Keep Looking for Jesus....
enjoy this Free...Music linjk, http://loudcity.com/stations/i-am-sacred-radio
Mr Roy...

Child Of God said...

I was thinking the other day that Obama is like Saul, and just happened to look online to see if anyone else thought the same thing & had put it in writing. Your blog is great! It is true, and really needs to be read by all of America. But, unfortunately most people wouldn't know who Saul is.
I just wanted to say, very good blog. :)