Tuesday, February 5, 2013

As Men, We Can Do Better

Pure arrogance is the doorway to cruelty, in leading one to believe he is justified to administer abuse. 

Arrogance fuels the mind of the abuser, to think he is superior, to his victim, and therefore has the authority to control every aspect of her life. 

I’ve never known one abuser to not display a large degree of arrogant presumption, in his choice to physically, emotionally, and verbally abuse his Wife and Intimate Partner. 

Our Wives and Intimate Partners are divinely gifted and set in place to give us, as Men, the loving support we would need to move forward to success in our lives. 

It is to our advantage, to bolster our self-esteem and our confidence, by finding a wiser way to address our everyday concerns and frustrations, rather than allow the same habits and behaviors to solicit our thoughts to fear, and then abuse.

Spiritual power appears, when a Man, by any means necessary, protects a Woman from all forms of violence. 

This is an excerpt, "As Men, We Can Do Better: 12 Principles Of Effective Change Against Intimate Partner Violence" by Russel Blake, coming 2013. 

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