Sunday, January 6, 2013


SPRING ~ While men pursue diamonds, pearls, gold and rubies in order to assess riches unto themselves; A wise Man will pursue a Virtuous Black Woman in her season of Spring

This is a woman polished from the inside out by virtue of being Spirit driven to succeed; Multi-faceted in bringing simplicity to her complex world and all while looking fashionably impressive doing it; 

Her Spring is progressive yet, methodical; Nothing will stand in her way of successfully accomplishing her goals; 

Education, Children, Career are merely ducks to be prioritized and placed in the row of dedicated loving importance; 

I’ve witnessed the awesome Spring of a Black Woman from my youth to old age; and were it not for the fear of self preservation, I would have been run over; 

Persistence, Dedication, Perseverance and Instinct are there wings; Visionary, Prayerful, Faithful & Patience fuels there flight; 

‘Lest there be another fool like me in squandering opportunity, time and the blessing of her loving you; 

Lead as the Man God created you to be; otherwise get the hell out of the way of that freight train known as a Black Woman’s Spring

FALL ~ The Virtuous Black Woman’s season of Fall bears the mission statement: I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 

A paradigm of simplicity and formulaic design; Nana, Grandma, Auntie, Mother of the Church, First Lady and on and on.

All titles of distinction bearing respect and authority enough to straighten the back and bow the head of any true Man of GOD; 

Her Fall season denotes that she is an ardent bearer of wisdom invisibly certificated, viably licensed and spiritually supported by the legion of angels assigned to protect her; 

There may be Silver in her Hair yet, there’s Gold in her Soul; 

Her season might always ascribe to many titles such as General, Senator, University Chancellor, Judge, CEO or it may bear the titles Homemaker, Retiree or even Big Mama. 

She is best known as God’s favorite daughter because of her lifetime of steadfast faithfulness unto him; Her Fall season has culminated from a tree whose roots run deep. 

Her culinary recipes passed down from generations are “still” the bomb or rather if you will, palatably incomparable; Her garden has borne the fruits of both sweetness and of sorrow; joy and anguish; plenitude and unbearable pains; 

Her compassion appears as her best friend and magnetizes all of whom come into her presence; She is the center of gravity for the family; The matriarchal rock of whom everyone draws from and leans on; 

I’ve seen the children effortlessly gather around her seemingly with a symbiotic transfer of unbridled love between them; 

I’ve seen entire villages utterly grief stricken when she went home to God; 

Her unbending principles serve the people greater than any government program or corporate grant; Her steadfast prayer life protects the family more assuredly than any insurance policy; 

Her poise in the midst of sorrow and her smile in celebration do more for the human heart than any medication or liquid spirits ever can;

As a Man I can witness in earnest as to the strength of a Virtuous Black Woman in her season of Fall for she was mine own Mother; 

To whom never saw my Mind parched for knowledge, nor mine Soul thirst for wisdom; 

Although her transition came during the third cycle and first year of my life (age 22), as the scriptures states, I was tender and only beloved in her sight; 

Sickness may have plagued her yet, she walked the highway of dignity with her Soul ransomed for JESUS; Regality reigned in her stride despite the pain; 

Integrity remained the habitation of her sitting place; No fearful heart abided within her for the impending division from this life to the next; 

Her crossing would be met with the nobility demonstrated in each of her seasons;

So then it came; The last breath exported with grace; Instead of the emptiness of a sighing away came the smile of God’s peace;

Let every Man know that so it is in the season of Fall for every Virtuous Black Woman; 

That the excellency of the Lord is with her from the beginning unto the end; In JESUS Precious Name; AMEN

-Russel Blake
MAN OF PSALMS Publishing Co.

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