Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Praise GOD: True Fathers protect from all enemies, provide for all seasons and immerse themselves in constant prayer as it pertains to all things both good and godly for there children; Fathers envelope a singleness of mind, a singularity of Soul and elect themselves unto sacred and eternal humility before God for the gift(s) of their children; 

As a bachelor, selfishness rules the day while the night orders recklessness and abandon; An indestructible table of heart that allows not the Word of God to rest on top of it; This mindset parlays all monies unto wine, women and song; Cradles the basket of lustful whims through youthful charms and dares eternity to a challenge of longevity, arrogantly believing that he will win; 

However, when Fatherhood arrives waters of maturity divide the seas of wisdom to bring forth a mighty charge of God; The clouds above then pour forth rains of sensibility that strengthens the very marrow of a man’s bones, portions spiritual boldness into his heart and forever sentences foolishness back unto it’s demonic realm of ignorance; 

A wise Man will instinctively adhere to this mark of God’s call, and like an eagle perched high on a mountain will begin to fix his eyes with laser like precision on the fragile and vulnerable future of his child; 

True Fathers personify responsibility of their children while exemplifying pure religious morality for there children; True fathers by definition commandeer the appointment of dependability, practice the politics of authoritative leadership, legislate the power of invisible loving discipline and are never voted out of office; 

True Fathers take charge when the devil seems large; rebukes it back to the pit of hell, validates his faith through works and never allows his children go either hungry or astray;

Fatherhood transcends race and religions, neutralizes nationalities and bonds wise men to a common cause; True fathers are soldiers fighting on the front lines of stability in the trenches of the war of fear, of what the future may hold for his children; 

He is in the army of many millions, yet impersonates none on this battlefield of singular distinction; Though bombs of indecision, mortars of his child’s sickness and mortal rocket fire target the very essence of his compassionate manhood, his mission is neither deterred nor declined; Whether a world away or tangibly with his child everyday; A true Father is a soldier who is never M.I.A. (missing in action); 

I witnessed my daughter as a baby girl; Precious and adorable; Vulnerable and fragile and with my mission clear, my heart always steered itself in eternal vigilance to her cause; The deal was sealed with her first utterance of the word “Daddy”; I witnessed my son as a baby boy; Smiling and playful, always laughing in his cradle; Tiny fists with baby bottle in hand, letting everyone know that he is the Man-child who is a Conqueror, a King who will be more than equipped and able to lead; 

True Fathers set the positive example of Masculine-Tender love for his children, by virtue of how he treats their Mother; His behavior sets the mental and spiritual template for there perception of a future spouse; 

From the daughters perception of a Man always gentle and true, loving and kind, protectively loyal and faithfully devoted unto his wife, to the son’s positive example of a Man who is never psychologically, verbally, emotionally or physically abusive to his wife; Rather, in addition to being a provider, prayer warrior and protector, that he loves his wife as Christ also loves the church and gave himself for it; 

False fathers plead the perverted fifth on the grounds that they never inseminated anyone; False fathers lust selfishly of themselves before they think of their children; False fathers offend God and there own children who believe in JESUS; 

JESUS said, “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea”; After years of strife, false fathers do not man up and make amends to there adult children; False fathers make excuses, abide in lies and foolishly believe that they can escape God’s judgment; False fathers do not know what genuine love is;

True Fathers proudly step up and parent a child even if that child is not biologically his; True Fathers always place their children’s needs and well-being first; True Fathers hear the Word of God, “Fathers provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”; 

After years of strife, true fathers humble themselves and repent, seeking reconciliation and restoration with their adult children; True Fathers take responsibility, work hard, abide in truth and continually bless their children with wisdom, guidance and unconditional grace, mercy and love; 

True Fathers know what genuine love is; Which is why they overwhelmingly cherish these four words said to them from their children, that are more meaningful than any other; 

"I love you Daddy!"

Russel Blake 
Proverbs 31:
The Virtuous Woman Volume II
Man Of Psalms Publishing Co.

"Spirit Of Fatherhood"
Larry "Poncho" Brown


Praise GOD: No blessing unto a Man on this Earth compares to that which GOD manifests unto him through a Woman; No song sings a stronger melody in the Music of life than for a Man to hear, feel and see the rhythm of existence beating within his own child;

"Priority is now your purpose, as your purpose to take responsibility for prioritizing this child’s life is more significant than anything else this world can offer." IJPN - In JESUS Precious Name.

Russel Blake
Man Of Psalms Publishing Co
Copyright 2012

Elliot Miller


Praise GOD: There was a time when we Black Men fought, bled and died for the universal right to be respected as Men in defense of our Families.

We fought Slavery and Jim Crow; Poverty of sharecropping and the Klan; All threatening to destroy through hatred, what we fostered for our families through love; We lead by example, rolled up our sleeves and did whatever was necessary to Feed, Clothe, Educate and Protect our children;

We didn’t need nobody, especially some ole Judge to tell us to support the gifts from GOD in the form of our babies; We loved them unconditionally as we loved the precious Mother(s) who birthed them into our Family;

"Cause deep down inside, we knew that prioritizing the children’s lives was more important than anything else this world can offer." IJPN - In JESUS Precious Name. 

Russel Blake
Man Of Psalms Publishing Co
Copyright 2012

Mike Wimmer


Praise GOD: Where can my future possibly go..? Without me loving and being responsible for this precious gift from GOD, this beautiful child of my present time, no amount of money could pay my ransom from GOD’s inevitable judgment upon my Soul for the cowardice I practiced in abandoning my child;

I am a Real Man and my mind is made up that my future is not going to be shadowed by shame, a cousin to disgrace or the mother to a generational curse by abandoning my baby; No, this is my Baby, and I don’t need Maury on TV to tell me or his Mother to chase me down to support him, because I give GOD all the glory and take full responsibility for his precious life;

I will both Educate and Protect him; I will raise him in and by the Word of GOD, and with importance of having spiritual faith in GOD; I will Teach him how to Pray and how important it is for a Man to pray everyday, for the rest of his life;

I will mark the date he first say’s Daddy, and beam with pride and be ready with a digital camera when he wears his first suit to Sunday service;

I will teach him that Character and Dignity are the children of Wisdom, and must be nurtured, pursued and practiced at all times if he desires to be respected in this world; For the world will respect you, based solely on the value you place upon yourself;

I will teach him all Sports and the importance of not winning or losing, but how he plays the game with integrity is what matters most; I will be there for each and every Parent-Teacher conference knowing that I as his Dad am responsible for his successful academic education beginning at home, and not place it all on his teachers at school;

I will teach him that whatever he desires in life must come from earning it through hard work, persistence and determination; I will teach him the importance of economics and financial responsibility; I will teach him that he is not to become an emotional slave to money, but rather allow money to serve him through spiritual wisdom;

I will teach him to never allow himself to become a psychological slave through the sophisticated mental conditioning of how society defines him;

But rather seek the Freedom in becoming a Mental giant through self determination, goal setting and always staying focused on the bigger picture of life; To avoid all of the historical snares, pitfalls and traps in the form of the guns, drugs and alcohol responsible for the deaths of untold millions of black men in our communities, and the innumerable growing incarceration rate of so many more;

I will teach him the important artistry and diverse tapestry of our culture in Music, Dance, Acting, Paintings, Sculptors & Authors and its rich history and continued present day force to set the trends that move the world; I will teach him the historical contributions of his people and their significant role from the beginning of time in giving humanity the varied Sciences of Mathematics, Medicine, Astronomy, Geometry;

I will teach him the importance to always think on a global level and the importance to seek a vocation in the areas of economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion and to then bring his learned skills home to serve his community; Doing this will always keep him grounded in knowing his place in the scheme of things;

Most importantly, I will teach him that throughout his life he is to always protect and respect all Women; To never raise a hand against one or abuse them; And to especially cherish and love the one who wins his heart in the same manner he has witnessed all of his life, the love I have for his Mother;

Where can my future go…? Hopefully the last act of my life will be in the arms of this same child of mine during my Winter season;

And when looking into his eyes being ready to give my last breath, as he looked into mine eyes so many years before in taking his first one. I am at peace now in the knowledge that he is raising his children, in the same manner I raised him.

"Cause deep down inside, I always knew that prioritizing this Child’s life was more significant, than anything else this world had to offer."  IJPN  - In JESUS Precious Name.

Russel Blake
Man Of Psalms Publishing Co.
Copyright 2012

"Special Bond"
Paul Bush