Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pagan Busters

Here We Are To Worship Group Pagan Busters!

Pagan Holidays are not meant for those that claim to be Saved, Fire Baptized, And Filled with The Holy Ghost, just to name a few:

New Years- (You like a New Year?) then change the way you Think. Valentine's Day- About candy (Isn't Sweet Hearts Day the same thing) Just out to get your money. Easter- Not real (Bunnies do not lay eggs). Thanksgiving- (We lift the value of a Turkey almost like worshiping a bird). Christmas- Not real (Christ wasn't born in December). 

We are in the world, But not of the world. Gentiles (laborers) let’s get this thing right. We ought to be changing the world, not letting the world change us.

-Inspired By Bishop Mark Miller
True Life Inter City Ministries
Cincinnati, Ohio

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