Thursday, February 21, 2013

No More Curse

Tell yourself, "I'm a transition figure, therefore, what so ever is running through my family line, stops with me!" Every weapon the enemy tried to form against me and my family has been Broken by the new Blood (Jesus) that lives within me! The curse that was once my old life has been lifted by the new life I now live in Christ! Christ has set me free from every curse of the enemy, wherefore, what you see, is no longer me, but the resurrection that now lives in me! Every root, hex, spell, hoax, chant, manipulation, carnation and enchantment is broken; for I declare, No More Curse! 

Evil's been lurking around your door; nonetheless, I confront the enemy and declare, No More Curse! This house is covered by the Blood of Jesus! The power of the Blood is greater than the power of that cursed word spoken against you! I decree, No More Curse! Someone needs to declare, No More Curse! 

The enemy's been telling you, you're finished and will never be free! He’s A Liar! Sense the anointing upon me to cast the devil out and off some folk! I pronounce over your live, family, business, home, No More Curse! 

Someone's been stuck in that old drug, pimp, whore, gangster, cheating, (you name it) life long enough! It's your time to be free! No More Curse! 

Someone close to you needs this Deliverance, claim it for them and join me and say, No More Curse over (name)! IN Jesus Name! 

I remember when I was bound and couldn't get free, someone prayed for me, even when I didn't know! I'm sure they declared, No More Curse, Be Free! 

I'm praying that someone, I don't know, but in the Spirit I know, you're free from the hand of the enemy and living life with, No More Curse! Amen.

-Apostle B. Alexander Ingram