Friday, February 22, 2013

A Moment Of Refreshing

Excellent broadcast! Even married folks need to learn how to spend time alone too for healthier marriage. 

What An Awesome Broadcast Minister Valerie Allen with Rev. Dr. Author La VonneShaw AkaThe ErogenousCoach, Talking about the "Single Life!" Love the suggestions provided how Singles should take themselves out sometime and shower themselves in LOVE, and what I like to call, a Moment of Refreshing! There is nothing wrong with going on vacation by yourself! Especially Cruising out across the sea's…Please, Although I am not single, even married folks need to get away and have some "Alone Time"…so when they return back to their spouse, they too are Refreshed and the Marriage can be so much healthier!

Minister Valerie Allen you had me thinking about checking in somewhere tonight…just slipping away with no phone nothing…but then I thought about it again, and said, “dag that wouldn't be right, let me go home and plan it out before they think I ran away”...see, “I married now with children, hello”…can't just slip away like that. 

I would like to suggest an Author, I believe would be great the next time you do singles, and that is Sherabim Allen who wrote the book, "Life Won’t Wait"

You know when I do your book, I'm all up in that book, same story line, but I condemned myself for the first couple of months of my pregnancy; however, it amazes me, no one really said anything to me in the ministry when "I" was pregnant out of wedlock, but once married, when I started having my kids, they came with foolishness about, “when are you going to quit...another one…”you would have thought that I asked them for a pamper or a bib…Seriously, you have got to be kidding. I couldn't believe the comments from folks...Yeah, now that is a show. 

I thought I was the only one who encountered such madness, but found out through a discussion with another powerful woman of God, who is much older than I, had the same experience and they asked her, if they had a TV in their house…PEOPLE! If they only knew…Although, you may birth these children, this also goes to show, this is something that should be discussed in your marriage too...Hint for All the single people.

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All appreciated comments are taken from the Here We Are To Worship BlogTalkRadio Ministry, Singles Episode, Broadcast, Friday, February 22, 2013. Click to listen,

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