Monday, December 31, 2012


Real Power as a Man is when you stand praying with a Woman, and not as a stalker preying on a Woman. 

Real Power is when a Man by any means necessary protects a Woman from violence. 

Real Power is when a Man never ceases to educate himself, and by any means necessary fully supports his Wife’s/Intimate Partner’s educational goals. 

Real Power as a Man is when we do not self-righteously judge others; but learn to listen twice as much as we speak. 

Real Power as a Man is when we commit ourselves to keep our anger in check and refrain from any and all verbal abuse and/or physical violence upon our wives and intimate partners everyday, especially in front of the children. 

Real Power as a Man comes in the form of providing a dynamic masculine energy that is both silent and nameless; yet conveys itself in the language of consistently supporting our wife/intimate partner’s professional and personal goals and aspirations. 

Real power goes to the Man who can defuse and wisely walk away from arguing with his intimate partner; not the one who engages, thrives and looks for conflict.

Real Power as a Man is when your adult daughter can look to you with pride, admiration, love and respect because you are the role model she seeks in a husband to experience a non-abusive marriage.

Real Power as a Man is when you’re spiritually convicted to give your life for whatever reason, in order to save the life of your Wife/Intimate Partner. 

Real Power as a Man is when you’re spiritually convicted to defend and protect any Woman from a violent attack.

Real Power as a Man is when your Son say’s he loves you, because throughout his life he witnessed how you've loved, respected and protected his Mother.

Real Power as a Man comes when we responsibly give our children the quality time of our physical presence, teach them both academic and street knowledge, and provide spiritual leadership by raising them to always love, worship, honor and respect GOD and all living creatures. 

Real Power as a Man comes when we willingly and responsibly provide financially for the children we procreate, and not because a Judge ordered it to be weekly garnished from our paycheck. 

Real Power as a Man is when we teach our children both critical thinking and conflict resolution skills to avoid violence. 

Real Power as a Man is when we teach our children to not only respect their body, but also to protect their body through providing martial art training and self defense classes. 

Real Power as a Man comes when we effectively teach our Son’s to respect and protect all Women; and when we responsibly teach our Daughters that no Man is worth either there time or there love, if he does not respect and protect them. 

Real Power as a Man comes when we take a proactive role in our children’s education, which includes having the email addresses and telephone numbers for each one of their teachers for a weekly dialogue on their progress, and never missing a Parent Teacher Conference. 

Real Power as a Man comes when understanding that if we do not responsibly and proactively raise our children, then BET, VH1, MTV & Facebook will gladly do it for us and we have no right to complain when we see the results. 

Real Power as a Man comes when understanding that if we do not responsibly raise our children, then the Prison Industrial Complex of America will gladly do it for us, and we have no right to complain when we see the results.

Real Power as a Man comes when we love, support, respect and protect the Elders of our Family and our Community, and teach our children to do the same. 

Real Power as a Man comes when the Mother of your children can praise you for being a wonderful Dad. 

Real Power as a Man comes when your children come to you and say that you make Mom really, really happy.

Real Power as a Man is when you both lead in prayer and pray together as a Family.

Real Power as Men comes when our hearts through courage overcome fear; our love through determination extinguishes hate; our wisdom through foresight productively channels our anger; when our Women instinctively love, genuinely respect and boldly stand by us; 

...and when our Community is made both spiritually and economically stronger by the unwavering integrity of our monetary investment, physical presence and spiritual leadership.

IJPN ~ In JESUS Precious Name. 

-Russel Blake
Copyright 2011

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Watch Night

I've never understood why church folk put so many stakes in a watch night service. Aren't we supposed to watch and pray regularly and Not once a year! 

If you're going to have a service called watch night, then make it about the praying and watching as Yashua commanded, otherwise, All you're doing is having another old church full of 'pagan' tradition, with no power! I’ll watch you miss heaven with your heathen selves!

Instead of a watch night service you need to host an old school through-back party and give people some of their money back you stole, All year long! Pay some bills, pay off some debts, have some healing and deliverance, put some groceries on the table! Then watch and see what the Father Yahweh does! 

Instead of asking people to come watch with you, when was the last time you watched that single moms son? When was the last time you went to watch that young boys or girls game that don't have a dad? When was the last time you sat and watched a movie with your own family? You're too busy with church business you're not watching your own business! 

Watch night! Who are you watching out for except yourself? You have so much while others in your ministry still struggling! Watch night! Going to be some store brought message about how you need to clean up your life, serve God and start anew! Been there! Done that! Heard that! When are you going to tell us what the Father is saying for the earth? Like watch out for them leaders who keep getting theirs while you keep missing yours. 

Someone asked me, what do you mean, watch night? That's what I'm saying! When people no longer recognize what you're doing, you're doing nothing! 

Why don't churches just call watch night what it really is...a year end party! You celebrate like the world, so you're imitating the system! The system of the world only produces the world’s results! Watch night is not founded in Kingdom principle, but religious ritual! 

When was the last recorded miracle in a watch night service? Who got truly healed? Were demons cast out? We're people set free from bondage? The Kingdom manifests results that reflect its King! Who’s getting glory in a watch night service? People come in and go out the same! 

I dare you to stand up in a watch night service and begin prophesying and change the flow of the message! They will put you out! Forcibly! Christ said, men would put you out of their houses for telling The Truth!

Watch what I say; Are you scared to be put out so you have to shut up? If you a prophet or called to prophetic ministry? People in position don't have the power to silence you! 

Watch what I say, Christ holds you accountable. Watch what I tell you, to many prophets have closed their mouths because they don't understand the office, function or ministry of the Prophet! 

Prophets are the watchmen to keep the evil out of God's house and warn when heading to error, so why is there so much evil and error? How can there be watch night without watchmen? Watchmen were the ones responsible for watching during the night watches! To see, warn and sound! 

If we're going to have a watch night, then it should be every night because the enemy don't sleep so nor does the prophets! Watch night should be full of prophets prophesying, prophetic ministry proceeding, and proclamations being decreed! That's Kingdom! 

Watch night should be spent bombarding the kingdom of darkness with the prevailing prayers of the saints as the prophets proclaim! That's Kingdom. Watch night should be about proclaiming the Kingdom of our Lord has come and signs of liberation seen in the lives of the people. That's Kingdom

When was the last time during a watch night service you've heard the prophets prophesy by course? That's Kingdom. Do you even know what it's like to have the prophets prophesy by course? Or is watch night spent listening to the pastor ramble? Can the prophets even be released in YOUR CHURCH to prophesy by course during a watch night service? Or are they on lock down? If you're a prophet or flowing in prophetic ministry from the wellspring a typical watch night service ought to grieve you! It ought to make you travail! 

If I visited your church on watch night, called out your prophets, lined them up by order and told them to prophesy, what they hear, see, and know...How would you react? Would you allow it? Would it frighten you? Or could the will of The Lord be done this watch night? That's Kingdom. So have fun this watch night, because I'm coming to a city near you, lying prophets because my course of prophets are prepared! 

Adding, Twerps (Tweeters) I know I had signed off, but I'm getting Direct Messages and text from some innocent saints who want to know what watch night is All about. Here goes: 

In 1862watch night was a tradition many black churches held Services awaiting word that Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was ratified. Yet, over years, watch night has become a tradition many churches use to say they are praying and watching for Jesus return! 

However, depending on the demonetization or church doctrine, watch night can be anything from a celebration to a full church service! Yet, watch night is No more impactful than the 1st night because many do not know why they gather or for what purpose other than a year-end service! 

Traditionally, in Lutheran and Methodist churches, watch night is a celebration of ending the old year and bringing in the New Year in worship. No, the bad news... Prior to the watch night of 1862, slave masters would steal slaves away and sell them off and families would wake to find. 

In its inception, watch night had nothing to do with waiting and praying to The Lord, until Richard Allen, Founder of the AME Church re-instituted! 

So, that's watch night in a nutshell! I hope some of you were enlightened and empowered through increased knowledge! So go apply it! Good night. God Bless. 

-Apostle/Senior Pastor/Prophet, Dr. B. Alexander Ingram, PhD, S.E.E.D Faith International Ministries, Columbia, South Carolina