Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I am hurting,
I am hurting on the inside,
Hurting to the point that what is on the inside can easily be seen on the outside,
I cannot hide,
I cannot hide this pain,
I cannot hide this hurt,
This hurt that gives me no rest,
This hurt that would take all that I have and leave nothing left,
Exhaust me to the point of death,
Suck out my very last breath,
This hurt that seeks not only to destroy my heart, my mind, and my spirit,
But also my flesh,
This hurt that takes more and gives less,
It does not clean up after itself,
It relishes in the opportunity to leave behind a mess,
This hurt is a monster,
Similar to the loch ness,
It takes,
It takes,
It takes,
And it takes,
This hurt leaves no room to take a break,
No room for a respite,
No time to refresh,
Yet, in spite of this hurt,
In spite of this pain,
I am still BLESSED...#givemeJESUS

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