Friday, January 4, 2013



Virtuous Black Woman; You have borne and survived many winters. There was a Middle Passage where you, the baby and life itself found the extinguishing freedom of the Seas more desirable than an impending hell on Earth. 

You bore the lash, withstood the rape, languished in sorrow when your children were taken away; prayed and prayed when your husband was mercilessly beaten. 

Not for the breaking of his body, but that his Spirit would neither break, nor righteously rebel and subsequently become vanquished by the cowardice of those who outnumbered him. 

I love you Black Woman; No blast of freezing air can stop your heated prayers; no cold rain can dampen your faith; Frost may pursue your dignity, but resilience protects your character; 

The ignorance of ice and wind seek to insidiously call you ugly; Yet to this day the radiance of your endowed beauty inspires untold billions of dollars in research and sales, to replicate what God has freely given to you; This winter like the countless ones before will simply have to eternally wait, for the Word say’s that no weapon formed against you shall prosper...not even your Winter!


Her praise is on; Impurities litter the mind of the weak, power the mind of a Virtuous Black Woman whose praise is on; A Virtuous Black Woman’s Summer never emulates another; Always accentuates the positive, postulates the impossible and vibrates to a rhythmic dance and tempo all her own; 

A Virtuous Black Woman’s Summer scorches, fries, sizzles and grills any obstacle in her path; Through prayer and discernment she bakes, boils and sautés to naught all devious strategies set against her; 

No other Woman was kidnapped to serve menially in the most powerful nation in the world and rise in the blink of God’s eye to become The First Lady to its highest office; 

If you admire her, Her Summer is inspiring; If you envy her, her Summer moves on regardless; If you praise God for her, her Summer thrives on His blessings; 

Hydrogen may fuel the power of the Sun, but praises of God invigorates the strength of a Virtuous Black Woman; Whether in weaves, curls, locks, braids or bald; There is one Virtuous Black Woman’s Summer who said it for All-R. E. S. P. E. C. T.

-Russel Blake
MAN OF PSALMS Publishing Co.

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