Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Love You

Virtuous Black Woman; God allows for me the right to proclaim and simply say that I love you. I’ve chosen not to wait another moment to express that which I should have articulated a long time ago; 

When you’re not with me, I’ve discovered that I am emotionally incomplete and mentally unsettled; 

Simply because…I love you;

My inner eye is daily consumed with the image of you, while my prayers venture for your every step kept safe and in the loving hands of our Heavenly Father; 

Simply because…I love you;

Where do I begin to heal myself?; Not having you in my life feels akin to losing a limb and I am unable to stand erect or walk for fear of falling down; 

Simply because…I love you;

Not beholding you to daily feast mine eyes upon, nor having you near to hourly embrace is more than I could have foreseen; 

It weakens me and sets to anguish my feelings in desperately longing for you; 

Simply because…I love you;

Our endless miles of laughter will always bless the treasury of my mind, while I will allow no power on Earth to ever preclude you as my ever so precious and Beautiful Black Queen; 

Simply Because, I Love You...IJPN.

-Russel Blake
Man Of Psalms Publishing Company

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