Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dear Dr. King

Dear Dr. King, First, Happy Birthday. I wish you were here. We truly miss you! I must begin by Apologizing today, because I'm sorry your legacy is being made a mockery. You stood for many things, but most importantly, you stood for what's right and was jailed for your beliefs. But we have a leader today in President Barack H. Obama who does neither, he's not willing to neither face his accusers nor take responsibility for his actions even if it means removal from office. Yet people are comparing him to you! He even took an oath on your Bible, as though swearing on the Bible means he believes in or will adhere to the Words contained therein! Dr. King, I'm sorry to tell you this but Mr. Obama is a Hypocrite! How can he be like you? 

Dear Dr. King, too many black folk, those you marched with, spoke to and inspired are caught up in the pomp and circumstance; fun, and good times Obama offers and are forgetting the bigger picture! You didn't march and die for us to have a good time, but so that we would make the times good. The problem with Black America today is that they're having too much fun and doing little or no work, let alone marching for right causes. The liberal (propaganda) news media said during the Inauguration 2013, in that Obama and Biden swore on the Bible to defend and support the United States Constitution...when? They haven't, thus far! In fact, they've done more in violation of the constitution then defend it! 

Dear Dr. King, forgive Barack for using the Word of Yahweh (God) you and I believe in to further his Agenda and not use the Word of The Lord to be a bridge for the truth! He says this Word is hate speech and promotes hatred because it stands for righteousness and holds men accountable for their actions. Including crimes against man and man, woman and woman, and honors the sanctity of marriage.

Dear Dr. King, so many have turned their backs on what you taught and believed and support Obama in his wrongdoing. The killing of the innocent (babies) is allowed through government funded Planned Parenthood, marriage has been destroyed between man and women and same sex marriage legalized in several states, it's now legal to smoke marijuana in several states, an Ambassador and his aides were killed (racial indifference) with no penalties (hatred against white colleagues), our military is neglected, undervalued, and under-appreciated, the race card is used as a fear tactic, and black leaders support an agenda that's discriminatory. May those who walked with you that now support Obama see that you would do things differently? I'm angered when they compare him to you. I know I should not be because you would not be, but… 

Dear Dr. King, so many suppose that you would be pleased with what you see, but forgive them for even comparing themselves with you and what you were called to do. I believe if you were here you would meet with President Obama as you did with Malcolm X to create a better plan to help people today. One that would use what our Lord said would free all people the truth! Some don't believe you used the Bible to promote your message, but they are wrong. Your message came from the Bible, including your "I Have Dream" speech and "The Letter from a Birmingham Jail". As the Apostle Paul, you have the command of the English language and an anointing to let your message ring loud and clear without offending the ear, but challenging the heart. Yet, when Obama speaks there is little to no truth in him because he does opposite what he says. I'm not convicted, but offended. He speaks to us as though we are ignorant! 

Dear Dr. King, on today as we celebrate your birthday we thank you for your sacrifice. Happy Birthday! I know this is not a typical birthday letter, but I had to tell you how I feel today because more than anything, I wish your legacy becomes the dream you meant it to be as we wake from the nightmare that is! 

Some of us were wondering if you would have been allowed to give the benediction at the Inauguration 2013 this year because of your Christian beliefs. We are not skeptics because we trust Father God, but are doubtful that you would have and may never know. A friend of mine (@motherknowsbest and @starparker) sent me this article supporting why we believe that to be true. Here is the link when you have time to read: http://t.co/adTPZjaD

Dear Dr. King, we will continue to remember and honor your sacrifice. Thank you for reading. :-) 


-Apostle B. Alexander Ingram
Columbia, South Carolina

*Inasmuch as this message is approved and endorsed by Minister Valerie Allen, Editor & Chief of Here We Are To Worship Ministries, Please submit All comments and feedback to Apostle B. Alexander Ingram at, https://twitter.com/DrBAIngram, or please comment here on the Blog and Dr. B. will gladly respond.

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