Friday, June 3, 2011

Trinity’s Hope

An Excerpt of “Trinity’s Hope” By Melissa Ewell Miller

Trinity woke early in the morning feeling relaxed and refreshed from her time in the pool. As she lay there thinking about getting up, a strange quiver ran through her belly when the image of the tall, dark thug with the deep brown eyes and the thick lashes drifted into her mind. He had done like she said and kept his distance at the party, although she secretly wished he hadn’t. He was hard to ignore, the way the muscles in his arms and back rippled when he swam.

He even caught her staring at him while he played water basketball and again when he was drying off with a towel. That time he caught her licking her lips, something she didn’t even realize she was doing until he did the same thing. Trinity turned over on her side, thinking about his lips and wondered what it would feel like to…

“Girl, what are you thinking?” Trinity scolded herself, jumping up from the bed. She paced the floor, hating that she was so attracted to a guy she had just met.  Despite what everyone said about getting to know people, she could not let this dude get in her head and cause her to mess up. It didn’t matter that he was fine, or polite, or Daniel’s friend. Involvement with him could only mean trouble.

“Better to squash it now than cry about it later. I gotta be about my business, and that does not include being involved with that thug.” 

Noting the time was a little before seven, if she hurried, she’d have time to run, eat breakfast, and be ready for the C-SET seminar that started at nine. She put on a pair of running shorts, a T-shirt, and her favorite running shoes. She slipped her room key, meal card, and cell in the pockets of her shorts then grabbed her white cap and pulled her braid through the back. When she got outside, she stretched her muscles then took off across the courtyard and settled into an easy rhythm, allowing her mind to run free. 

Melissa Ewell Miller comes from a long line of storytellers who has found a voice as a poet, author, and speaker. A native of Los Angeles, Melissa graduated from Southern University in Baton Rouge and spent several years teaching and working in the social services arena. Melissa is the visionary behind ManFast Ministries International and the author of ManFast: The Single Woman’s Guide to Purity, Faith and Love.

She is also the voice behind Trinity’s Hope is the debut novel of the Carondolette Family series―the heartwarming stories of love and romance the way God intended. Book #2, Destiny’s Journey, will be released in 2011.  Melissa lives in Wichita, KS with her husband and children, where she creates writes, teaches writing classes to aspiring authors and conducts ManFast Ministries classes to single women.

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