Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Get And Go Supernatural

If you've waited until 2014 to "Get And Go Supernatural", then you're already behind schedule! 

Now you’re playing catch up...I'm not waiting! Just to warn those playing catch up, when the prophets begin to prophecy, "we didn't just get this..." 

We got and gone supernatural long before 2014. What we began to say has already begun, because our flow began during our processing; to get and go supernatural, prior to you knowing who we were! 

The time we spent with The Father, being made for our end time purpose, prepared us to get and go supernatural; wherefore, we can now assist you in this season. 

It's going to take a baptism of fire and water for many people in this season to get and go supernatural, for the mind and flesh will no longer subdue it! Fleshly believers, carnal preachers and whore mongering saints will not have the power to get and go supernatural; it's a work of the Spirit! 

This will not be a season of understanding with the natural mind, human intellect, or emotional preaching, but a time to get and go supernatural.


Veronica Snipes said...

This is an awesome word and I receive it in it's entirety. Thanks Prophet.

Veronica Snipes said...

Awesome word!!! I receive it in it's entirety. Thanks Prophet!