Thursday, December 29, 2011


Just sharing some love! i'm sincerely an extremely proud Mother! indeed, it seemed like only yesterday when i wrote this poem in Dedication to my son! 

Dedicated to Christopher Hill!

"My Son, Oh how you are growing,
If only we could turn back the hands of time;
I pray the clock would stop,
Every minute of the day, the moments are too short,
can't we delay?
Before I know it, I'll watch you go away,
Off to school, junior high, and then college,
Just yesterday you were my baby and now you're a scholar;
Today you're a wonderous display of mystery, adventure,
curiosity and tomorrow's greatest expectation;
What will you hope for?
Maybe you'll become a musician, doctor, lawyer, or minister,
Oh, delay…delay the hands of time,
I want to hold you close until you're my baby no longer."

Valerie M. Allen

Dreams of Yesterday
Poetry Press


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